The 2013 Good Food Awards



The Good Food Awards had its third annual event last weekend at the Ferry Building. For these three years, BCV has played a role in designing the look and feel of the event; guiding the creation of the medals for each winner, the signage, and layout of the two days of events, among other details. A few BCV people attended the awards ceremony and reception, getting to hear speeches from the winners and then taste the food that won.


Alice Waters and Sarah Weiner, director of Seedling Projects, up on the stage.4MXuT-MF9BNYquZ0ByMyu_xS70d6XokSIdFT-_wTbgk DDxM4PMtit-NGcMvyd3glu69sJzKi6dZtGV2QFuiaFo3FyqSr0Cj0qKt09qjJnEOhYZCx62pEoaBEi008PEf4U

Maureen, senior associate, was there and had this to say: “I thought that the speeches by awards recipients at the Ceremony were fantastic – each was inspiring, entertaining and personal.  The entire event felt very intimate, and the pride taken in everyone’s craft, philosophies and overall sustainable food vision was contagious…plus the food was delicious!  My favorite product was First Frost Winter Ale from Fullsteam Brewery out of Durhan NC – made from wild persimmons.  Sean Wilson, the owner and self-described Chief Executive Optimist sported his rather loud special-event jacket when delivering his speech.”

For a look at the loud jacket:

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For more on The Good Food Awards, and the relatively new Good Food Merchants Guild, check out their websites: and

The Good Food awards is put on by Seedling Projects, a “do-tank” focused on supporting the sustainable food movement.

Photos courtesy of  Marc Fiorito and Jonathan Fong of Gamma Nine Photography.