Westfield’s Amazing Video of M.Y. China


Westfield  Centre just released an amazing video on M.Y. China, click here to view the video.

“A Video expose of James Beard Award winning chef and TV host Martin Yan and his Chef/partner Tony Wu at M.Y. China; the sights, tastes and discoveries of modern day Chinese food to America. He and his all-star crew create a fun and approachable restaurant where every visit offers a new experience.

See, taste and discover authentic Chinese cuisine in the heart of Westfield’s San Francisco Centre. Inspired by years of experience traveling through China, we bring back the best ingredients, flavors and techniques. Watch our chefs in action as they prepare every dish in front of your eyes. See world champion noodle dancers pull giant balls of dough into thousands of thin noodles in minutes using only their bare hands. Taste delicate hand-folded dim sum. Discover ancient Chinese tradition brought to life and interpreted in a thoroughly modern way.”