Market Square in The New York Times

Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times architecture critic, recently wrote about the technology industry’s embracing of adaptive reuse projects in San Francisco, despite much of the current media attention focusing on “multibillion-dollar suburban campuses by celebrity designers in Silicon Valley.” Kimmelman notes the important role adaptive reuse can play in preserving urban architecture in San Francisco, but also cautions that businesses occupying these spaces will still depend on substantially improved housing, development and transportation in the city.

Among the projects mentioned is Market Square, where BCV, RMW, CMG and Page & Turnbull are completing a rehabilitation of the ground floor. As Kimmelman notes, “Twitter will soon open its ground floor to retailers, including to a food market, which should encourage more diverse street life … Improving Mid-Market, and its street life, will clearly be good for San Francisco.” Read the article here.

Photo: Bruce Damonte