Building A Vintage

BAV4A grand vin wine can be described as a piece of art that begins from the site, is cultivated for a season, transformed by interaction, lain down to a necessary time, and then refined through tasteful blending to create a rich, layered experience meant for enjoyment at any time, for all time.

BAV2A work of architecture often follows a similar path: the site provides the inspiration, context and views; design ideas are discussed, scrutinized and allowed to grow; systems are woven into the fabric of a space like yeast in the fermenter; then the age-old, painstaking process of assembling the building takes the stage; and when the spaces and detailing are coming together, furnishings and artwork are added to the mix for a timeless statement.

The renovation, remodeling and restoration of the Joseph Phelps Vineyards Winery afford us the opportunity to explore the similarities between these paths. Through a series of blog posts over the next eight months, we’ll share our ongoing process.

On one side we will look at the way the grapes of that season are transformed into yet another memorable JPV vintage through the care of the vineyard masters, the talents of the winemakers and the vision of the ownership. On the other, we will chronicle what began as a conversation about the contribution of a second generation wine-making family to an ongoing legacy: the design and construction of a vintage work of architecture, opening to visitors and guests in the summer of 2015.

We are calling this series of posts ‘Building a Vintage.’ We do hope you enjoy.