Food, Coffee and Design on Polk Street

belcampo st frank tour hans

BCV, OpenScope Studio and Amanda Loper hosted a food and design tour on September 24th as part of the AIA Architecture and the City festival. The two-part tour kicked off at the BCV-designed Belcampo Meat Co. at the corner of Polk and Pacific streets to explore the sustainable meat company’s mission and BCV’s design process.

Graham Delehanty

Image: Clay McLachlan

While participants snacked on duck liver pâté, pork rillettes and ‘meat chips,’ Principal Hans Baldauf, AIA and architect Amelia Vogelheim, AIA spoke about intention to create a welcoming neighborhood butcher shop and restaurant and the challenges to combining two programs in one fairly small space.

Belcampo’s San Francisco Manager Terrell Washington was also on hand to talk about the meat-focused menu and the company’s efforts to use the whole animal through introducing customers to new cuts of meat (alongside traditional cuts) in the butcher case and innovative menu development from Head Chef Chris Gerwig.

OpenScope’s Ian Dunn and Amanda Loper then introduced St. Frank Coffee, a Polk Street cafe founded by Kevin Bohlin in 2013. Loper, Dunn and Bohlin discussed the importance of having a design that prioritized openness and connection – that one could walk into the shop and have a conversation with the barista throughout the preparation process. Typical machinery was removed from the counter, and the counter itself was lowered to open the space. Bohlin also introduced his new custom espresso machine that takes the traditional ‘box on the counter’ and places it underneath.

Image credit: Patricia Chang.

Image credit: Patricia Chang.