Stewardship: The Long View in Wine and Design

03 Stewardship (2).pdf - Adobe Acrobat ProThe great wines of the world come from taking a longer view of things than is common in modern world. Immediacy and haste have supplanted reaping long term rewards of well‐laid plans in all but a few corners of endeavor. Great design comes from moments of inspiration tempered by experience and foresight. Conscientiously choosing a long‐term approach in life is the ‘cultured stance.’

Of the many systems for taking care of the land, the biodynamic system takes a cultured stance toward the responsibilities of stewardship. Within the realm of architecture and design, refined sustainability is a cultured response to the challenge of limited resources and a changing world.

Designers chasing faddish technologies and keeping scorecards on how bad one might have been leads to unsatisfactory compromise and middling results. A cultured stance on sustainability takes a different approach based on three elegant goals: Longevity, Pragmatism, and Timelessness.

03 Stewardship (2).pdf - Adobe Acrobat ProLongevity of what we build ensures the maximal return on investment of resources. Pragmatism tells us to be cautious in the moment while striving to develop an understanding the long term.

Timelessness in design ensures use and appreciation throughout the life of a work of architecture. This is not only the product of good taste, thoughtful organization, refined detailing and thorough craftsmanship while also being pragmatic and constructing for longevity ‐ it is also
an attitude about the essential.

‘A designer knows they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.’

– Antoine de Saint‐Exupery