04 Appreciation 1Wine is not for quenching thirst– it is not simply food. Architecture is not for keeping out the rain– it is not simply shelter. Taking the time to appreciate the craft, time and effort that goes into making a grand vin or a sumptuous space is a habit deserving of cultivation.

Cuisine is the recognizable expression of a climate and culture; it is not prohibitively abstract. Grand vin wines are the bottled spirit of the land and its stewards; it cannot be replicated elsewhere, it is a time capsule of a season in the sun. Architecture is unique to its place, linear in a world of cycles, the stage not the play.

Take a breath, have some calm, enjoy and appreciate the world around you. The sun and the sky; the plants and the land; the simple sustenance on your plate; the years of craft in your glass and the room in which you sit.

04 Appreciation